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About us

Blackhole Media & Tech is an African leader in the creation of content and experiences for traditional, modern and future media. We empower educators, trainers, AEC, marketers and entertainers through smart, streamlined and innovative solutions. Founded by an  industry veteran, we reach hundreds of clients worldwide. We are firmly grounded in our African roots but proudly spread our branches and leaves for a global reach.

What we do…

We are a pluri-disciplinary company. We do what we love and refuse to be locked and limited. Our staple is 3D. At our restaurant, 3D is served with all sorts of soups, cutlery and decorations -heck!! you can even have it cold, hot or chilled. What about baked or steamed? Raw,..? Just ask. I’m sure we can find a way to make it happen for you.

For Film, Production & Audiovisual

  • VFX (Explosions, destruction, particle, crowd, fluids, cloth, etc)
  • Character and creature design and animation
  • Environments, virtual stages and digital sets
  • 3D Animation and motion graphics
  • Idents, Jingles, bumpers, stingers

For Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • Architectural Visualization
  • City projects, property development rendering
  • Engineering and product rendering
  • Virtual reality experiences
  • Immersive collaborations and workspaces

For Communication & Marketing

  • Product rendering
  • Promotional videos and animation
  • Advertising videos
  • Interactive product demos and configurators
  • Graphic and Web design
  • Logo design and animation

For Education, Training & Culture

  • Virtual reality training and learning
  • 3D Explainer animations
  • Historic reconstitutions
  • Serious games

For Events

  • Site planning, layout and rendering
  • Interactive and real time occupancy planning
  • Crowd simulation
  • Digital fashion
For Games & Interactive entertainment
  • Game design & development with Unreal Engine
  • VR games
  • Gamification

Our value proposition…

It’s about making you shine. Your products stand out and your value increase. We pride in delivering contents and experiences that increase the value of our customers. So, whatever industry you may be in, you need to look good and your products as well; you need to capture your market and engage your teams. That’s what we bring to the table.

For Film, Production &

It’s becoming more and more difficult for entertainers to captivate their audiences and keep them interested. We help them present their content in ways that will always compel.

For Architecture, Engineering & Construction

We have helped Architects, Engineers and City builders across the world develop better spaces and infrastructure. We employ state of the art modern technology to make sure the AEC industry delight while reaching their goals.

For Education,
Training and Culture

We offer engaging ways to transmit knowledge and revive legacy. We make it more engaging, lighter on the brain and fun so that students and professionals can keep track, learn faster and retain longer.

For Communication &

The journey of your product from production to the market must be covered in bold steps. We can help do this in new and transformative ways. Your brand also must have a strong mind share. Let us shine your light.

For Events

When time comes to go out there and do your thing, you need to have foresight as you plan ; then when time comes to execute you need pizazz to wow the people. Having a reliable partner just gives you that confidence that you won’t falter.

For Games & Interactive entertainment

This is a gigantic industry: Expectations are high and margins seem to shrink by the year. We bring the African touch: authenticity with value. We are the next frontier, the untapped potential. Moving into the new era of fun do, we declare that we want to play as well.

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Chief  UI/UX / Graphic / Web Designer


Chief Marketing Executive


Tool / Pipeline Developer


3D / VFX Artist


E-Media Strategist.


Administrative / Marketing Executive

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